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Saviour Builders: – CREDAI Times

Business in the new globalized economy is all about reaching out to the emerging markets and getting competitive in the existing markets with better understanding of new variables. This requires an integrated approach for both horizontal and vertical operational synergy across various segments. In this new environment, the demand for multi-faceted development has become crucial for keeping pace with the progression.

Saviour Builders have a penchant to craft dreams into reality. It has expanded its efforts to fulfill the dreams of a good home of thousands and set new benchmarks in the real estate industry. The company is committed to harness the power of dynamism to reach higher and build better.

Saviour group has emerged as one of the prominent entities in the real estate industry .It’s into  “Residential”, “Commercial” and “Township”.The business philosophy of the group derives its core strength from a firm belief that lays stress on induction of state-of-the-art engineering techniques and use of top quality materials in various construction projects.

This results in cost-effective and holistic solutions specific to contemporary standards for residential complexes and business centers. The group has forged linkages with leading global consulting architecture firms to introduce new design and construction concepts in India.

Being Buyer-centric is our USP .It means that we came up with projects that have great location,price and accessibility as their core.Apart from that we make sure that we deliver the projects on time so that buyers should not go through the pain of paying EMI’s and rent simultaneously.

The company has proved its mettle by creating some prestigious projects like SPS Residency, SPS heights, Euro Partments, SPS Commercial and so on.

“We at Saviour are constantly striving to scale new heights in professional competencies and efficiencies by pushing performance and human potential to new limits.” Says Shri Iqbal Singh Sodhi, Chairman,Saviour Builders.


Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!

Gandhi Jayanti, the birth date of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as father of nation, is celebrated every year on 2nd of October. People recognize Mahatma Gandhi for his non-violence or Satyagraha which are influencing political leaders and movements till date. Gandhi Jayanti is also observed by the United Nations as the International Day of non-violence that aims to disseminate his philosophy, principle and believe in non-violence through proper education and public awareness.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in a coastal town Porbandar in Gujarat. In a very tentative age of 13 he was married to Kasturba Makhanji. When he was 18 year of age he went to England to study law and returned to India in 1915. After his homecoming, he felt the heat India was facing under British reign after which he started various movements against British government like Dandi March, non-cooperation movement and Quit India calling British to leave India. Raj Ghat in New Delhi is a popular mausoleum of Mahatma Gandhi where people gather every year and pay tribute to “Bapu” offering flowers and chanting his favourite song Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram.

Government offices, banks, schools and many private organizations remain closed in India on 2nd October in order to pay homage to the “Father of the nation”.

Saviour Builders Pvt. Ltd. and Gaur City Presents Property Utsav

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is worshiped before any of the god in Hindu mythology. Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated grandly by Hindus around the world as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. This festival is very much popular between the devotees from western India state of Maharashtra in the Hindi month of Bhadra (mid-August to mid-September).

 For Ganesh Chaturthi a life-like clay model of Lord Ganesha is made months before the festival. The size of the model varies from a 3/4th of an inch to over 25 feet. On the vary day of festival, the model is placed at a platform which is raised in order to make Ganesh Ji viewable to all devotes coming to pay respect to him. This 10 day festival celebrated in every part of Maharashtra excites the priests’ usually attired red silk dhoti and shawl. Chanting Vedic hymns from the Rig Veda and Ganapati Atharva Shirsha Upanishad, and Ganesha stotra from the Narada Purana priests raise GaneshJi’s clay model on their shoulders and after revolving it throughout the city disperse it into the holy water body with a promise to see him in the same health and prosperity next year.  

Eid Mubarak to all

Eid-ul-Fitr often abbreviated to Eid means “festivity”, while Fitr means “over the come”, Eid is a muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramzan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Fasting is beneficial to health; it is regarded principally as a method of spiritual self purification. These festivals were initiated in Madinah after the flight of Muhammad from Mecca. By cutting oneself from worldly comforts, a fasting person gains greater sympathy with those who go hungry, thereby it teaches to become more kindhearted and munificent person. This is the reason fasting is practiced in these days. A word ‘Ramzan’ which starts from ‘Ram’ indicates that there is no religion, we are one. Fasting in Ramazan is one of the five pillars of Islam, The five pillars are: Faith, Prayer, Zakat (Charity), Fasting and Haji. It would be incorrect to say that this festival is only confined to Muslims however in India- Hindus and Muslims both celebrates this festival in a very prosperous way. Hindus wish Eid to their Muslim friends and also enjoys the delight which is cooked on this prosperous festival that is sewaiyan. sewaiyan is a sweet dish which have various ingredients such as milk, dry fruits, sugar and vermicelli. This also symbolizes the unity of India and also creates a strong bond within the community and also with the other communities. So, practice being a good human, being kindhearted and learn the art of giving. Make this Eid little different and enjoy with everyone.  Saviour Builder’s team wishes you all the best this Eid. May God accept all of your fasts, prayers, and good deeds.


India Celebrating its journey of 65 Years of Independence

The Independence Day was the day when India emerged as a sovereign nation. A day of pride, happiness & rejoice 15th August is celebrated every year with the feeling of being independent.The day when our freedom fighters peacefully relaxed after a long struggle and the day when every Indian swears to cross any extent for their mother country. Kite flying is the most representing way to celebrate this remarkable day. The colorful kites flying freely in the sky resemble each one of us in an integral way. We may be different from each other by the name of color, cast and religion but we all are living with integrity and freedom in the ‘nation of Vedas’.  The Britishers had initially come for trade but gradually took over the total administration of the country. At the stroke of midnight of the August 15, 1947, India shook off the shackles of British Rule and became free. It was a night of celebration all over the country. This fight for freedom actually soaked blood and life of many iconic freedom fighters such as shaheed Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, lala Lajpat Rai and many others. So, let’s rejoice and stand together till infinity and leave a perfect example of unity, corporation and sacrifice. Let’s celebrate the sprite of joy happiness and experience the feeling of Independence Day. Let’s take a pledge to stand out independent from the league and build our mother India a proud and diversified country.


Price Revising Soon!!

Saviour Builders

Saviour Builder in Media 24th March 2012

Saviour Builder in Media 24th March 2012

Media – Dainik Jagran (Dainik Jagran Property), Hindustan Times (HT Estates), Navbharat Times (NBT Shubh Labh) and The Tribune (Real Estate)” on page no. 01, 07, 01 & 04 an

d 03.



Saviour Builders has bring for you the golden opportunity this Navratri .

Wish You All A Very Happy Navratri …!!
May Goddess Durga bless you and your loved ones.

Saviour Builder in Media 25th March 2012

Saviour Builder in Media 25th March 2012

Media – The Times of India (Property Plus )

Date : 25th March 2012

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